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How to choose a Water Softener for your home?

Hard Water is always a big problem for the water-using appliances in the home. Hard water contains more calcium and magnesium in the water. Calcium and magnesium deposits on the surface of the pipes and appliances as limescale affect the quality of the appliance and water. Hard Water is dangerous for your health too. Hard water makes your hair brittle and your skin dry. You will not be happy with your laundry and utensils as they leave spots on them. The only solution to this is the water softener. The water softening system will provide a single solution for all these problems. See the below best Water Softener buying guide and plan for the best one.

Water Softener Buying Guide

Before choosing a water softener system, you need to know what water softener is and how they work. A water softener reduces the amount of calcium and magnesium present in the water and provides salt-free water for household needs.

How do I know which water softener to buy? To decide which water softener is best for your home, you need to consider the family size, cost, regeneration cycle and many more that are given below in detail.

Things to consider while buying a Water Softener System

Make sure to cover all the features according to the product to increase the life of your household appliances. Just follow the below water softeners buying guide and it will ultimately lead you to the best one.

Size of the family

Start with the number of family members in your house. So, what size water softener for family of 4 is the best? On average, a four-member family uses a 33,000-grain water softener system. If you are taking long showers or if water consumption is more, then the grain number will increase accordingly.

Regeneration cycle

All water softeners have a resin bed in which the beads will entrap the minerals and provide soft water for consumption. When the bed is full of salts, it needs to be regenerated using water softener salt. This process usually takes more than one hour, and if you need continuous water supply without interruption, you can consider using a dual–tank water softener. 


This is the most important factor that determines the use of water softener at home. If your water is extremely hard and wants to install a water softener, you have to spend around $500- $2500 for the initial installation. Adding to it, you may need to spend around $40 for the water softener salt every month. So choose the one that may not be very expensive.

Crosslink resin

Most of the softening resins have 8% of crosslink, and few have 10% of the crosslink. If possible, get a 10% crosslink resin bed as it will increase the resin bed’s life by many years. The efficiency of the bed also depends on the percentage of crosslink

Automatic features

Automation is always a major factor in this water softener system buying guide. The latest water softener systems can add salt when required and indicate when we need to add salt. It will help you to fix your maintenance work accordingly.

Iron removal: apart from calcium and magnesium salt removal, some softeners also remove iron content. You can use this if the iron is a major problem in your water.

Sediment filtration: This is an added feature in the water softener. 

Hope the above water softener buying tips helped you to know how to buy a water softener system in budget and as per needs!

Our Best Water Softener Suggestions

After reviewing many water softening systems in the US, we have brought you the best ones in the market. They were chosen based on the review, pros, and cons. 

  1. AFWFilters 5600SXT- 48K – this is a complete on-demand metered system with a 10% crosslink and saves a lot of water, salt, and electricity.
  2. Fleck 5600SXT BR8 softener is the best salt-based water softener in the market with an 8% crosslink.


Water softener systems have become essential in the US as almost all states have hard water. The water softener system is important to increase the lifespan of the water using household appliances. There are single and double-tank water softener systems with many added features in the market. So once check out the above home water softener buying guide and based on your requirement, choose the one that suits your needs.

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Home Security System Buying Guide

Choosing a home security system is an important and yet daunting task. That is why we are here with the best Home security system guide. For real home security, you need a professional high –end wireless security system with all alarm options and emergency care. Whether you are near or far away, it is very important to take care of your dear ones. Almost in all parts of the US, home security systems have become important because of the increasing crime rates and burglars.

Things to know before buying a Home Security System

Before moving deep inside the smart security buying guide, you must first be clear on what type of security system you need. Whether you want a camera to monitor the little ones or to find out the leaky pipes in your house? Security systems not only keep others away from the home but also do more like communicating with the kids and informing you as alerts about the packages received at home. 

What should I look for when buying a security system?

If you get the right equipment with a perfect package of features that suits your needs, then your job is made simple. For this, first you need to know What to look for in a Home Security System. Let us see the most important features that you need to look into a security system.

Doorbell Camera

This is the first important feature of any security system. It can record the face of the visitors and speak with them remotely.

Nanny Camera

If you are having kids at home and need to return to work, then a nanny camera will help you more to take care of your kids. Through this camera, you can talk to the nannies and feel relaxed by observing them.

Fire, Smoke, Freeze, and Flood Sensor

There are separate sensors for monitoring environmental situations like a flood, snow, fire, and alerts you regarding the change. These are good for us to take preventative steps. For example, if the temperature drops suddenly and freezes, you can turn on the heating system to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Wireless Monitoring

Wireless monitoring uses radio sensors to connect devices in your home. This process makes installation easier and functional during a power outage.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensor helps you to keep your kids and pets away from the dangerous areas. It also helps you to alert intruders. 

Smart Home Integration

If you want a complete security system that can be connected to the smart home devices, then you can use a smart home integrator. This system will help you to maintain your house clean and tidy with all work done, even if you are away.

Window/Door Sensor 

This sensor is used for guarding the entrances and preventing kids from moving inside the garage or to the basement. If there are any loud noises, then they will alert us.

Panic Pendant: This is another important short cut for emergency services, which will help the aged people and kids to receive emergency care. So by pressing a button in the pendant, you can get emergency care.

Apart from these features, you must also consider the cost of the installation system,  payment options, monthly charges, and the need for an installation agency.

Our Suggestions on the Best Home Security Systems

Suggesting the best product is not possible with a home security system, as things will change based on the needs and locality.

Lest we suggest the following,

  1. ADT home security system
  2. SimpliSafe.
  3. Alder security
  4. Frontpoint Home security.
  5. Vivint Smart home.


Before buying a home security system, make sure to list your needs, and then look for them as explained in the above home alarm systems buying guide. If your requirement is small, then some DIY security systems will help. If you need more features then, a security system with multiple functions will be better. You can also get advice from the local security experts. With your research and tips from experts, you can choose the best home security system. Good luck with your smart care.

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How to choose a Washing Machine? – Buyers Guide

Having a washing machine that meets all your requirements will give you peace of mind. How to choose the best one? Some washing machines have unique features and stay away from other washing machines, whereas some have more reliable features. So we are here to help you with the Washing machine Buying Guide for choosing the best washer that suits all your needs.

Best Washing machine Buying Guide – Factors to Consider

How to buy a washing machine? To buy the best washing machine, try to go through the features that are present in them. You need to decide the type, size, budget and many more in the process of purchasing the washer for your home.

What should I look for when buying a Washing Machine?

The general features you have to consider are the price, size, and the type of washing machine.

Front-load or Top load

It is the primary feature that you have to consider first while buying a washing machine. Front-loading machines are energy efficient and use less water for washing clothes. They can also handle large loads easily. The top-loading machine is the most preferred option as it is suitable for all household types and does not create mold and odor in them. When compared at a price, top loaders are less expensive than front loaders.


Choosing washing machine capacity is the other main thing you need to do. The volume of the interior drum is the capacity of the washer. Generally, washers have 3 – 5 cubic feet and can accommodate 12 – 20 lbs of laundry per load. So you can choose the volume of the interior drum, based on the load that you will use every day.

Size of the Machine

What size of washing machine do I need? Most of the washing machines are 28 inches wide, 30 to 36 inches deep, and height dimensions vary little from one brand to another. So check the size of the machine and know whether it will fit in your laundry space. If space is too little, you can look for a top-loading machine.


Washing machines range from $250 – $2500 depending on the model, brand, and features present. You can get an excellent washing machine from a leading brand under $1000. 


The top-loading washing machine is the primary choice when you think about performance. It uses agitation to clean your clothes much better than other methods. They are less expensive than front loaders, but the problem is top loaders consume two times more water than front loaders.


When you talk about efficiency, front loaders are the best. They are designed to support sustainability. They work a little longer and very softly to remove the stains on your clothes. They always use half of the water than the top loaders. Though some top-loaders claim as HE, so be careful with the labels.

Other features that you need to consider are the automatic self – adjusting levels, water temperature, dispensers for bleach and softeners, delay wash, quick wash, economy wash, tub clean, extra rinse, presoaking, and steam option.

Along with these washing machine buying tips, you need to see what brand of washing machine is the most reliable. Some best brands in the market are LG, GE, Bosch, Electrolux, and Whirlpool.

Some Best Washing Machines we Suggest

Based on the research, we have found that among the top-selling products, Electrolux EFLS627UTT is the best front loading washing machine with excellent features for the quick wash to complete wash. It fits well under the budget and one of the top-selling products in the USA.

GE GTW685BSLWS stands as the best top-loading washing machine. It has 14 cycles with a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet. It has an excellent 4.5 rating from Amazon.


Washing machines have become an inevitable household appliance, and having a good one is equal to stress-free life. You can choose either top load or front load washing machine accordingly. From our research, we have found that both have equal merits and demerits. So once check all the factors in the above washing machine buying machine and choose one that best suits your needs.

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How to buy the Best Toaster Oven? – Buyer’s Guide

There are some users out there who get easily confused with regular ovens and toaster ovens. Though those two seem similar to each other to some extent, both of them are slightly different from each other in terms of both size and functionality. Go through the below Toaster Oven buying guide to get the clarity on what to know before buying a toaster oven.

If you are someone who loves to throw dinner parties now and then at your place, you are aware of the pain of cooking one dish at a time in your traditional oven. Though these toaster ovens are meant for toasting loaves of bread, these days, they are also capable enough of cooking and baking other delicious dishes as well. 

With extreme versatility, these toaster ovens have proven very convenient and effective during those chaotic moments in the kitchen. And that is possibly the most primary reason that drives you to invest in a good quality toaster oven in the first place. 

Toaster Oven Buying Guide

What should I look for when buying a toaster oven? When you are looking for a toaster oven to tackle all the hustle and bustle in your kitchen, there are certain factors you should keep in mind before selecting the appliance. But, most of the factors depend on your personal preferences when it comes to buying the appliance. Like how big is your kitchen? Do you want your toaster oven used as a primary or secondary baking appliance? And many more.

Factors to consider while buying a Toaster Oven

Determine the following things to decide what is the best toaster oven to purchase.

Type of Toaster Ovens

If you finally made up your mind to buy a toaster oven, you must understand all the core differences between the toaster ovens variations available in the market. Though all the different toaster ovens are pretty similar in one way or another, they are pretty unique in their way as well.

  • Countertop Toaster Ovens: This is the most basic type of toaster ovens available in the market. These are small in size and come in a very affordable price range. Perfect for pre-cooked heating foods and toasting bread, this particular type of ovens are easier to use and extremely convenient for quick cooking recipes. 
  • Countertop Convection Oven: The next type of toaster ovens included in our list comes with convection technology. Convection ovens are becoming extremely popular with days due to the mechanisms inside them, which allow hot air to flow inside the appliance while functioning to cook food more evenly. These ovens use lower temperatures for cooking food in a very lesser time. 
  • Infrared Countertop Oven: The most advanced types of toaster oven available in the block, infrared machines are fast, and they cook your food with minimum energy. Though these particular types of toaster ovens are not so popular for availability like the convections, they are pretty efficient in their jobs. Though these infrared countertop ovens are not suitable for cooking or baking, they can be trusted for reheating or warming up jobs. 
  • Under Counter Toaster Oven: If you want to keep your counter space empty, you can go for the best Under Cabinet toaster oven. It will be fixed under your cabinet which leaves space on the counter top. And you can use that space for any other appliance.

Toaster Oven Size

Toaster ovens come in multiple sizes and shapes. The size of the toaster oven solely depends on the available space in your kitchen counter and the type of uses you are planning for your oven. Depending on the size of the countertop available in your kitchen, you can invest in a smaller or larger toaster oven according to your needs and necessities.

Price Point

There are different types of toaster ovens available in the market in the different price ranges. As we have discussed earlier, there are regular convection ovens, infrared ovens, and traditional toaster ovens available in the market with different functionality and different price points. The choice should depend on the way you are going to use your toaster. If you are planning to toast some bread, then traditional ovens work best for you. And they are coming at a very cheap price as well. But for more elaborate functions, you might find solace in more expensive and high-end variants. 

Preset Settings

Most of the popular toaster ovens available in the market come with multiple preset settings like bake, broil, pizza, reheat, brown, toast, etc. So, when you are looking for a toaster oven, go for the models with maximum preset options. These options make your life hassle-free by making the cooking process easier and convenient. 

Automatic Shut-off

Automatic shut-off in toaster ovens ensures your food does not get burnt when you forget to keep it out from the oven when it is done cooking. With the preset settings, the oven will automatically shut down when it finishes the cooking process. Toaster oven, which possesses this particular feature, promises perfectly cooked food every time.

Convenience and Ease of Maintenance

These are other important factors that we need to talk in this Toaster Ovens buying guide. Though most of the countertop ovens are easier to use, some of them possess some additional display and other settings, making them even easier than the rest of the lot. Always look for those extra features to make cooking easier. 

Cleaning and maintaining your appliance is the utmost necessary as well. So, always look for toaster ovens, which are easier to clean and do not possess any part which is difficult to reach hence makes the cleaning process a mess. 


Finally, we have come to the end, and now it is time to finish Toaster Oven buying guide with a good note. We have tried to accumulate as many ideas as possible here to make it a helpful one for your future purchases. Thousands of different toaster oven variants are available both online and offline.

First check the above tips for choosing a toaster oven and then compare each of the products to get a clear picture of what you can expect from a particular oven. For any other clarifications regarding Toaster Oven guide, you can place a comment in the below box and we will get back to you with the solution.

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Factors to consider while buying a Garage Door Opener

A trustworthy garage door opener is undoubtedly an invaluable asset for any home. A best-quality garage door opener gives access to your garage and storage space all year long, but it is also considered as one of the primary security measures you should take for your home’s safety. 

Garage door openers typically last for decades if you select the right variant according to your needs and necessities. But, how to get the best opener for yourself? You don’t have to worry anymore, as we have come up with the best possible garage door opener buying guide for your next big purchase. 

Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

While choosing the right garage door for your house- there are some questions and answers to those make it even easier for you to choose the correct garage door opener for your home or office spaces. Some of the questions are-

  • Does your old garage door make a lot of noises while operating?
  • Do you want remote access to your garage door and operate it from inside your room or car?
  • Is your garage door being used as the main entrance to your house?
  • How efficient and functional do you need your garage door to be?

Once think of these before entering into the Garage Door Opener buyer’s guide.

How to choose a Garage Door Opener?

If you don’t know which garage door opener to buy for your garage, check out this garage door opener guide. Consider all the below factors and make the best choice.

What motor style is best for Garage Door Openers?

Garage door openers come in both AC power and DC power variants. But the DC machines have become the universal benchmark for garage door openers, and there are some reasons behind that. AC powered garage doors are way louder and heavier in size as they require more components to fit in.

On the other hand, DC powered garage door openers are way lighter and quieter than the traditional AC motors. DC motors also comprise many more additional features, unlike the AC powered doors, which we will discuss in the later section.

Weight and Height of the Garage Door

If you keep your bet on those standard single aluminum doors, you can keep your trust on those ½ horsepower garage door openers. Otherwise, if you are required to open the garage door pretty often or the door you placed is pretty heavier and larger, then you should look for a door opener with ¾+ horsepower.

Garage Door Opener Types

Garage door openers come in three types of drive options, and each one of those has its advantages and disadvantages. Let check out about those in detail to select the best type of garage door opener:

  • Chain drive: These are the most traditional garage door openers and the most affordable as well. Chain drives are durable and long-lasting due to their time trusted and rugged design. Being a traditional one chain drive garage doors are always the best choice for aluminum garage doors. Periodic maintenance is also required to keep them in shape.
  • Belt drive: The next variant is Belt driven garage door opener, which is manufactured with reinforced steel and known for a pretty long-lasting and noise-free performance. These belt-driven garage door openers are known for disturbance-free performance, hence a perfect choice if your garage is located near the bedrooms or nursery.
  • Screw drive: They are known for its durability, reliability, and quick operation. Screw driven garage door openers are the most advanced technology among the lot. Built with forged steel screw drive type is a directly driven system hence extremely powerful. Due to its faster speed and power, these door openers are perfect for wider and heavier garage doors. 

Added Security

If you use the garage door as the main entrance to your house, you should look for some added security measures. You should look for features like safety beam, non-contact reversing system, intellicode security, and emergency release cords to make the overall business more safe and secure. Moreover, most of the great quality openers come with vacation lock systems, which ensures safety even when you are not on the premises. 

Some more features to consider

Features like online app connectivity for better monitoring to sufficient battery backup for operating the door while power is out are some of the additional features you should look out for while buying your next garage door opener. Space and convenience are also one of the important considerations you should check out while buying the device. You should not only look out for garage door openers to maximize the available space inside your garage. Yet, they should be loaded with smart features like online monitoring and Scheduling for your convenience. 

Best Garage Door Openers – Suggestions

According to the factors we have discussed above, we have enlisted some door opener models that we find suitable for every aspect. Check and choose the best garage door opener as per your requirement. Some of them are:

  • Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener MYQ-G0301
  • Chamberlain B970 Smartphone Controlled Garage Door Opener
  • Genie Aladdin Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Door


Finally, it is time to conclude about how to buy a garage door opener. We have tried to incorporate as many factors as possible here to make it easier for you to buy your next garage door opener. Go through above garage door opener buying guide, and hopefully, this will answer all your questions regarding the device.

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Ultimate Portable Ice Maker Buying Guide

Buying a portable ice maker is a good investment when you have a lot of parties at home. Though refrigerators produce ice, that may not be sufficient till the end of the party. You can get a small dedicated portable ice maker to produce ice in less than 8 minutes. But there are so many portable ice makers in the market and how to choose one? Here, we will help you better understand with our portable ice maker buying guide and also suggest you the best ones available in the market.

Features to Consider while buying an Ice Machine

Below is the compact ice maker guide that helps you learn and understand the important factors to consider to buy the best countertop ice maker 2020.

  • Capacity: The ice bucket and water tank capacity is very important for choosing the right icemaker. Make sure that it can produce a minimum of 24 lbs of ice per day or simple speaking ice cubes for 15 small drinks in an hour.
  • Production Speed: The rate at which it produces ice will help us determine the type of ice maker required. Generally, most ice makers produce ice every 6 – 10 minutes. However, a typical ice maker must produce ice cubes continuously every 6 minutes for your uninterrupted party. 
  • Price: Ice makers range from $120 – $1500. It is advised to choose some basic models for home and mid-ranged models for office. If you want it as a showpiece, the GE profile nugget ice maker is a perfect choice.
  • Ease of use: Get ice makers that have simple operation mode. Make sure to look for options like an indicator for water and bucket fill. Automatic shut off feature will help you reduce energy loss.
  • Water consumption: If the water tank is big, there is no need to fill it again. So choose one with a maximum tank capacity. If not, then look for water reuse options in the ice makers.
  • Ice size selection: Portable ice makers produce bullet-shaped ice cubes. Only a few produce different sizes of ice cubes, and high–end models produce nuggets and a few more types. It is advised to choose an ice maker that can produce three sizes of bullet-shaped ice cubes as it is easy to produce and falls well under the budget.
  • Self Cleaning option: Ice makers have a self-cleaning option. It is advisable to choose one because they will reduce the stress laid on us after parties. The cleaning ice maker is equally simple as you need to remove the drain plug at the bottom to remove the excess water and allow it to dry. 
  • Bucket size: Ice cubes are stored in the bucket immediately after production. If the ice bucket is larger, then it will hold a few batches of ice in the icemaker and help us to enjoy the party continuously. Choose bucket capacity between 2 lbs – 4 lbs. Remember, ice buckets store the ice temporarily only.

Best Compact Ice Maker Suggestions

As we said in the above icemaker buying guide, a good portable ice maker should have the capacity to produce more ice in less time and different sizes. They must have less maintenance and simple operations. It is what everyone expects from a portable ice maker. From the portable ice makers in the US market, we have picked the top 5 ice makers based on performance, budget, maintenance, and capacity.

What is the best portable ice maker to buy? Below are some best compact ice makers suggested for you.

Top 5 Portable Ice Makers

  1. NewAir AI- 100R 28- pound, countertop ice maker: The best part of this portable ice maker is that it is super compact and produces three sizes of ice cubes in 6 minutes continuously.
  2. Igloo ICEB26BK portable ice maker: It is a standalone portable ice maker, which can produce 26 pounds of ice.
  3. Frigidaire EFIC108 portable ice maker: Priced under $150, this is one of the quickest ice makers in our list.
  4. Della premium 26 LBS portable ice maker: This is one of the ETL, CSA and UL listed portable ice makers.
  5. GE Profile Opal nugget ice maker: This is a high-end model ice maker.


Portable ice makers are one of the best house appliances to buy. They are great for office cafeteria, home, RVs, and weekend parties. You can also use them for outdoor events like camping, RVs, tailgating, and excursions. They are compact, simple to use, and maintain. Most portable ice makers do not require any installation, and there are many under your budget. With the help of this portable ice maker buying guide, I hope you can find the best small ice maker that matches your needs.