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How to choose a Washing Machine? – Buyers Guide

Having a washing machine that meets all your requirements will give you peace of mind. How to choose the best one? Some washing machines have unique features and stay away from other washing machines, whereas some have more reliable features. So we are here to help you with the Washing machine Buying Guide for choosing the best washer that suits all your needs.

Best Washing machine Buying Guide – Factors to Consider

How to buy a washing machine? To buy the best washing machine, try to go through the features that are present in them. You need to decide the type, size, budget and many more in the process of purchasing the washer for your home.

What should I look for when buying a Washing Machine?

The general features you have to consider are the price, size, and the type of washing machine.

Front-load or Top load

It is the primary feature that you have to consider first while buying a washing machine. Front-loading machines are energy efficient and use less water for washing clothes. They can also handle large loads easily. The top-loading machine is the most preferred option as it is suitable for all household types and does not create mold and odor in them. When compared at a price, top loaders are less expensive than front loaders.


Choosing washing machine capacity is the other main thing you need to do. The volume of the interior drum is the capacity of the washer. Generally, washers have 3 – 5 cubic feet and can accommodate 12 – 20 lbs of laundry per load. So you can choose the volume of the interior drum, based on the load that you will use every day.

Size of the Machine

What size of washing machine do I need? Most of the washing machines are 28 inches wide, 30 to 36 inches deep, and height dimensions vary little from one brand to another. So check the size of the machine and know whether it will fit in your laundry space. If space is too little, you can look for a top-loading machine.


Washing machines range from $250 – $2500 depending on the model, brand, and features present. You can get an excellent washing machine from a leading brand under $1000. 


The top-loading washing machine is the primary choice when you think about performance. It uses agitation to clean your clothes much better than other methods. They are less expensive than front loaders, but the problem is top loaders consume two times more water than front loaders.


When you talk about efficiency, front loaders are the best. They are designed to support sustainability. They work a little longer and very softly to remove the stains on your clothes. They always use half of the water than the top loaders. Though some top-loaders claim as HE, so be careful with the labels.

Other features that you need to consider are the automatic self – adjusting levels, water temperature, dispensers for bleach and softeners, delay wash, quick wash, economy wash, tub clean, extra rinse, presoaking, and steam option.

Along with these washing machine buying tips, you need to see what brand of washing machine is the most reliable. Some best brands in the market are LG, GE, Bosch, Electrolux, and Whirlpool.

Some Best Washing Machines we Suggest

Based on the research, we have found that among the top-selling products, Electrolux EFLS627UTT is the best front loading washing machine with excellent features for the quick wash to complete wash. It fits well under the budget and one of the top-selling products in the USA.

GE GTW685BSLWS stands as the best top-loading washing machine. It has 14 cycles with a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet. It has an excellent 4.5 rating from Amazon.


Washing machines have become an inevitable household appliance, and having a good one is equal to stress-free life. You can choose either top load or front load washing machine accordingly. From our research, we have found that both have equal merits and demerits. So once check all the factors in the above washing machine buying machine and choose one that best suits your needs.

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