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How to buy the Best Toaster Oven? – Buyer’s Guide

There are some users out there who get easily confused with regular ovens and toaster ovens. Though those two seem similar to each other to some extent, both of them are slightly different from each other in terms of both size and functionality. Go through the below Toaster Oven buying guide to get the clarity on what to know before buying a toaster oven.

If you are someone who loves to throw dinner parties now and then at your place, you are aware of the pain of cooking one dish at a time in your traditional oven. Though these toaster ovens are meant for toasting loaves of bread, these days, they are also capable enough of cooking and baking other delicious dishes as well. 

With extreme versatility, these toaster ovens have proven very convenient and effective during those chaotic moments in the kitchen. And that is possibly the most primary reason that drives you to invest in a good quality toaster oven in the first place. 

Toaster Oven Buying Guide

What should I look for when buying a toaster oven? When you are looking for a toaster oven to tackle all the hustle and bustle in your kitchen, there are certain factors you should keep in mind before selecting the appliance. But, most of the factors depend on your personal preferences when it comes to buying the appliance. Like how big is your kitchen? Do you want your toaster oven used as a primary or secondary baking appliance? And many more.

Factors to consider while buying a Toaster Oven

Determine the following things to decide what is the best toaster oven to purchase.

Type of Toaster Ovens

If you finally made up your mind to buy a toaster oven, you must understand all the core differences between the toaster ovens variations available in the market. Though all the different toaster ovens are pretty similar in one way or another, they are pretty unique in their way as well.

  • Countertop Toaster Ovens: This is the most basic type of toaster ovens available in the market. These are small in size and come in a very affordable price range. Perfect for pre-cooked heating foods and toasting bread, this particular type of ovens are easier to use and extremely convenient for quick cooking recipes. 
  • Countertop Convection Oven: The next type of toaster ovens included in our list comes with convection technology. Convection ovens are becoming extremely popular with days due to the mechanisms inside them, which allow hot air to flow inside the appliance while functioning to cook food more evenly. These ovens use lower temperatures for cooking food in a very lesser time. 
  • Infrared Countertop Oven: The most advanced types of toaster oven available in the block, infrared machines are fast, and they cook your food with minimum energy. Though these particular types of toaster ovens are not so popular for availability like the convections, they are pretty efficient in their jobs. Though these infrared countertop ovens are not suitable for cooking or baking, they can be trusted for reheating or warming up jobs. 
  • Under Counter Toaster Oven: If you want to keep your counter space empty, you can go for the best Under Cabinet toaster oven. It will be fixed under your cabinet which leaves space on the counter top. And you can use that space for any other appliance.

Toaster Oven Size

Toaster ovens come in multiple sizes and shapes. The size of the toaster oven solely depends on the available space in your kitchen counter and the type of uses you are planning for your oven. Depending on the size of the countertop available in your kitchen, you can invest in a smaller or larger toaster oven according to your needs and necessities.

Price Point

There are different types of toaster ovens available in the market in the different price ranges. As we have discussed earlier, there are regular convection ovens, infrared ovens, and traditional toaster ovens available in the market with different functionality and different price points. The choice should depend on the way you are going to use your toaster. If you are planning to toast some bread, then traditional ovens work best for you. And they are coming at a very cheap price as well. But for more elaborate functions, you might find solace in more expensive and high-end variants. 

Preset Settings

Most of the popular toaster ovens available in the market come with multiple preset settings like bake, broil, pizza, reheat, brown, toast, etc. So, when you are looking for a toaster oven, go for the models with maximum preset options. These options make your life hassle-free by making the cooking process easier and convenient. 

Automatic Shut-off

Automatic shut-off in toaster ovens ensures your food does not get burnt when you forget to keep it out from the oven when it is done cooking. With the preset settings, the oven will automatically shut down when it finishes the cooking process. Toaster oven, which possesses this particular feature, promises perfectly cooked food every time.

Convenience and Ease of Maintenance

These are other important factors that we need to talk in this Toaster Ovens buying guide. Though most of the countertop ovens are easier to use, some of them possess some additional display and other settings, making them even easier than the rest of the lot. Always look for those extra features to make cooking easier. 

Cleaning and maintaining your appliance is the utmost necessary as well. So, always look for toaster ovens, which are easier to clean and do not possess any part which is difficult to reach hence makes the cleaning process a mess. 


Finally, we have come to the end, and now it is time to finish Toaster Oven buying guide with a good note. We have tried to accumulate as many ideas as possible here to make it a helpful one for your future purchases. Thousands of different toaster oven variants are available both online and offline.

First check the above tips for choosing a toaster oven and then compare each of the products to get a clear picture of what you can expect from a particular oven. For any other clarifications regarding Toaster Oven guide, you can place a comment in the below box and we will get back to you with the solution.

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